To all players, these are the latest updated protocols based on State of Ohio and Solon standards and are a minimum. All players can take whatever other
precautions they want.

. Please be aware of your own health before coming to the game. If you are not feeling well, stay home.

. No sharing of bats, gloves, hats, water bottles.

. No-touch rule: you need to refrain from high fives, handshakes, fist
bumps and all physical contact with teammates, opposing players &

. Face coverings-catchers, base coaches, umpires and pinch runners
must wear a face mask. Players also must wear a face mask on the
bench. Players will be responsible to provide their own face mask.

. When your team is on offense, 6′ distancing on and around the bench area
is a must. Bleachers will be for players only.

. When holding any bat that is not yours, please be sure to grab it by the
barrel only.

. Hand sanitizers will be available to all teams to use as needed.
Managers will sanitize any equipment needed in the pre-game warm

. Players should not congregate in common areas or parking lot before
or after their game.

. In the event that you have a confirmed case of Covid19, you must
notify either Bob Herman, league president, or Phil Bordonaro, league
VP, within 24 hours upon learning of your status.

These rules must be followed. If anyone fails to adhere to these rules, they will be given a warning and ejected from the field. A second infraction will result in suspension for the remainder of the season. If you are not careful, this could shut down our whole league.

Bob Herman Phil Bordonaro

216-956-7802 440-439-3308